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George's Message

Click here to listen to George giving his message.Right I just want to make a nice speech about Caroline. I said I know she is not here, but I still want to say the message.
She has worked very hard looking after Terry. She has made him look a lot better and he is getting to look like his old self again. Terry has brought a lot more entertainment in the church and also brought a lot more people and he always works very hard.
And then I’d say, I’d like to thank everyone in the Church. I’d say, they have all worked very hard through the year, especially Ron, he played the organ for quite a few years now and he always plays it very nice.
And then I’d say, Happy New Year to everybody in the church.
And I’d say God bless you all. Thank you.

Annie's Homework

I have been going to St. Andrew's Church since I was 10 days old. I went to Tiny Tots with my Mum and brother. When I got older I would go to Tiny Tots every week. When I went to Tiny Tots I would do crafts, sing, go to Teddy bear picnics. I would play with Gill and in the summer I would play in the churchyard.

I often go to the family services and my favourites are the Christingle and the Christmas Eve ones. When I go in the Church I feel safe because God is in there. Also happy because I remember all the happy memories I have made in there. It is also a friendly place because every one in the Church is kind.

By Annie - December 2019