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Documents available to be viewed

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St Andrew's Church Guide.pdf
Sandon Prayer Diary.pdf
Night Prayer.pdf
Morning Worship.pdf
Morning Prayer.pdf
Mental Health Reflections.pdf
Going Deeper Pentecost.pdf
Evening Prayer.pdf
2019 Annual Report Post Meeting.pdf
2018 Annual Report Post Meeting.pdf
2017 Examined Financial Statement.pdf
2017 Annual Report.pdf
2016 Annual Report.pdf
2015 Sandon Church Funday Booking Form August.rtf
2015 Christmas letter.pdf
2015 Annual Report.pdf
2015 Annual Accounts.pdf
2014 Annual Report.pdf
2014 04 16 Sandon Church Funday Booking Form.rtf
2013 Sandon Profile.pdf
2012 SALT Report (Final).pdf
2012 Annual Report.pdf
2011 SALT Report.pdf
2011 Annual Report.pdf
2010 SALT Report.pdf
2010 Annual Report.pdf
2009 Annual Report.pdf

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